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We provide rental or lease to drilling equipment for oil and mining industry, oil and gas exploration equipment, petroleum exploration equipment, supplies and contractors for seismic exploration projects, Module Drilling Rig, Modular Drilling Rig, Petroleum Equipment, Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig, Coalbed Methane Drilling Rig, Diesel Driven Trailer-Mounted Drilling Rig, Electric Driven Trailer-Mounted Drilling Rig, Heavy-Duty Workover Rig, Light Workover Rig, Oil-Electric Dual Power Workover Rig, Switched Magnetism Reluctance Double Power Workover Rig, Super Capacitor Energy Storing Dual-Power Workover Rig, Electric Workover Rig, Wheel-Mounted Workover Rig, Workover Rig Without Guy line, Snubbing Workover Rig, Flush-By Rig, for rent, Top Drive Truck, Gin pole Truck, Semi-trailer with winch, Swept-Body Tripper, Drilling Fluid Circulating System, Fracture Flowback Fluid Processing Device, Generator Set, Drilling Tools and Materials, rental service company, heerental dubai