Seismic Acquisition System

  • Wireless System

    SmartSolo ®

    SmartSolo® Seismic Sensor


    High fidelity signal

    From the industry-leading DT-Solo geophone

    The GPS location

    Our oversampling algorithms ensure accuracy

    Accurate timing

    Precision is maintained as temperatures change
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    World's First Smart Seismic Sensor Makes Cost-effective High Density Seismic Possible

    The SmartSolo seismic sensor meets the large-scale, high-density, and cost-effective needs of the seismic exploration industry. it can complete the essence of seismic exploration—3W (Wave, When, Where), that is, high-fidelity seismic wave signal, accurate data time And location. Peripheral equipment is divided into: data management center (DMC), data collection center (DCC), data download rack (DHR). Its high-speed data download is 240GB/7 minutes, 3000 channels@20day@2ms<3.5 hours.

    SmartSolo®IGU-16 Features

    • Light weight (1.1 kg including battery and spike)
    • Small footprint (95mm X 103mm)
    • DT-SOLO (High-sensitivity sensor technology, 10Hz & 5Hz optional)
    • Mobile app (scanning & technical support)
    • Lowest per channel cost in the seismic industry
    • No exposed connector in the field
    • Optional external battery and sensor
    • Automatic sensor testing and GPS logging
    • 50 days operating life @ 25℃ 1ms 12h ON/12h Off
    • Built-in 8 GB non-volatile flash memory could be expanded to 32 GB
    • Stake-less operation for max flexibility
    • Auto scan mode for fast deployment

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