Special Vehicle for Drilling Rig

  • Top Drive Truck

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    Top Drive Truck
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    Top Drive Truck

    The product mainly consists of chassis, top drive system and folding— jib crane. And the top drive system includes special Engine, Hhydraulic station, Rolling—pipe device, Power swivel, Operating valve and Control console. It can hang the Power Swivel on the travelling block using its own folding—jib crane, and operation and control of the power swivel are concentrated in the truck. It can hoist, transport and control Power swivel independently. It can achieve drilling tools rotary and workover operation matched with the workover rig without Rotary table.

  • Gin pole Truck

    Its function includes truck with winch & crane and tractor. It is refitted with all—wheel drive special truck chassis, and based on which add special equipments such as cargo bedplate, hoist frame, PTO, hydraulic oil pump, Hydraulic oil tank, remote control valve, directional control valve, turnover saddle, hydraulic winch, pulley, travelling block, chains, wireline and ropes. It has advantage of easy assembly and disassembly hoist frame; flexibly rotate saddle, high—powered hydraulic winch.

    Gin Pole Truck, winch & crane and tractor, all—wheel drive special truck, Gin pole truck rental services dubai, UAE
    Gin Pole Truck

    Main Specification:
    Rated load (t) 20
    Winch wireline pull force (First layer) (t) 25
    Winch wireline Dia.
    (inch(mm)) 1 1/8 *(28mm)
    Wireline working speed (First layer) (m/min) 5.5
    Rated lifting capacity of Gin pole (t) 15
    Effective Working area (mm) 6000x2500
  • Semi-trailer with winch

    Semi-trailer with winch, Special Vehicle for Drilling Rig, Truck with winch services, rental dubai
    Semi-trailer with winch
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    Semi-trailer with winch

    Used to load, unload and transport large skid—mounted equipments such as Drilling pump, Generator sets, Pump units, Mobile workshop by itself. Meanwhile, it can be used as common platform trailer to load every kinds of crawler—type and wheel—type machines.

    Main Specification:
    Max. self-loading and unloading capacity (t) 40
  • Swept-Body Tripper

    Its function includes loading & unloading and transportation. It is suitable to transport cases, mobile camp, tank and other special equipment in oil fields. A tipper can serve several cases; it has the function of hoist and transportation at the same time. Usually the tipper can transport goods in bulk with carriage.

    Swept-Body Tripper, Dubai, UAE, Special Vehicle for drilling, Drilling equipment supplier dubai
    Swept-Body Tripper

    Main Specification:
    Max.loading capacity (t) 10
    Operating time (loading/unloading) (s) 100/110