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Shallow Water Drilling Rig
May 2022
By Heerental Admin
Shallow water drilling project successfully completed in Abu Dhabi with HD-15D Hydraulic Motor Top-Drive Flush
Its main advantage is light weight, easy to operate, fast and economical advantage. It is used for geophysical seismic drilling rig operations
April 2021
By Heerental Admin
BGP Successfully completes xiqiu 3d project with 83,000 channels of smartsolo
SmartSolo has once again been used to successfully complete a large-scale seismic exploration of Qiulitage – the “Exploration Forbidden Zone”.
January 2021
By Heerental Admin
Nodalseismic completes a series of 3d projects in north texas using smartsolo
December 2019 NodalSeismic finished retrieving SmartSolo IGUs from the last of 5 projects completed back-to-back in the rural terrain of North Texas.