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Shallow Water Drilling Rig

Shallow water drilling project successfully completed in Abu Dhabi with HD-15D Hydraulic Motor Top-Drive Flush

April 2022
By Heerental Admin

This drilling rig is used in shallow water (transition zone areas) and works with drilling rig hydraulic station. The hydraulically operated distribution valve controls the hydraulic motor to rotate the drilling tools.

This tool can be used for easy drilling in shallow areas of the sea, It is a hydraulically operated device that can easily work in water, The video above shows a drill in the shallows of the sea in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Similarly, instead of hydraulics, we have another device with air, which is intended for use on land,

The handheld disc includes a disc, hydraulic motor, reversing valve and swivel.

Its main advantage is light weight, easy to operate, fast and economical advantage. It is used for geophysical seismic drilling rig operations